Saltless Water Systems

Check out these salt-free options for reducing scale buildup, removing rust and cloudy water, killing viruses and bacteria, and resolving other related water issues.

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The TX Membrane System is a saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems.The TX Membrane System tackles a variety of water challenges. The semipermeable membrane traps contaminants, iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities, leaving you with clean, clear, usable water. The TX System picks up where other water treatment options have failed.

SRS Scale Reducing Systems


The Kinetico Scale Reduction System uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm. The SRS works to reduce the ability of minerals in your water to create scale, and it does all of this in a compact unit without the need for salt or chemicals.

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Kinetico UV System

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  1. I am interested in a purification system that would service my home and small farm (including small dairy and greenhouse). We just had a well drilled and the water tested. Copied below is some of the results. Thank you for taking a look at this and getting back to me.

    pH 7.4 s.u.
    Conductivity @ 25 C 7460 umhos/cm
    Solids, Total Dissolved – Calculated 6140 mg/L
    Alkalinity, Total as CaCO3 665 mg/
    Bicarbonate as HCO3 812 mg/L
    Carbonate as CO3 ND mg/L
    Chloride 29 mg/L
    Sulfate 3710 mg/L
    Hardness as CaCO3 1360 mg/L
    Hardness as CaCO3 – Grains 79.4 grains/gal
    Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) 18.4 unitless
    Nitrogen, Nitrate+Nitrite as N 2.58 mg/L
    Calcium 246 mg/L
    Magnesium 181 mg/L
    Potassium 8 mg/L
    Sodium 1560 mg/L

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